Our Staff

Medical Director, Veterinarian, and Practice Owner,
Dr. Raphael Z. Gilbert, DVM, MS

Dr. Gilbert became the owner of Mamaroneck Veterinary Hospital on February 9, 2011. He brought with him a unique style, insight and attitude about progressive veterinary medicine, and excitement for the opportunity to provide his services in such a wonderful community.

Dr. Gilbert has an exceptional background in veterinary medical and surgical care. He graduated at the top of his class with honors from Ross University College of Veterinary Medicine in 1998, after completing his year of clinical rotations at North Carolina State University CVM. He is experienced with domestic, exotic, and wildlife cases both locally and abroad, and has extensively traveled volunteering his skills and expertise to care for animals in less developed countries and rural regions. His special interests include internal medicine, surgery, immunology, nutrition, and animal welfare. His unique analytical perspective and scientific background has made him a resource for other veterinarians seeking consultations as well as clients seeking second opinions about their pet’s care.

Prior to his veterinary studies, Dr. Gilbert also earned his Bachelor of Science and Master of Science degrees from Cornell University. A USDA Accredited Veterinarian, Dr. Gilbert has the authority to issue international health certificates for pets traveling to foreign countries.

Dr. Gilbert and his wife Lori live in Stamford, CT with their two daughters, Ilana and Sarah. Their pets — MooMoo Snuggles the cat, Bella the Beagle, and Sinbad the Amazon parrot — enjoy the benefits of life in the vet’s house too! During his leisure time, Dr. Gilbert can be found kayaking, hiking, gardening, swing dancing, making music, and happily playing with the kids.

Dr. Raphael Z. Gilbert, DVM, MS
Credentialed Veterinary Technician, Stuart Herrera, MVZ
Licensed Veterinary Technician, Nadya Perez
Veterinary Assistant, Alycia Samalot
Licensed Veterinary Technician, Alycia Samalot
Veterinary Assistant, Christian D’Agostino
Veterinary Assistant, Adrian Smith
Veterinary Assistant, Jackie Chuquitaype
Veterinary Assistant, Reilee Gunsher
Receptionist, Sue MacRae
Receptionist, Krystal Miller
Receptionist, Krystal Miller
Receptionist, Noreen Guiry
Receptionist, Brooke Platzner
Animal Care Giver, Jerry Rodriguez
Animal Care Giver, Martha Rodriguez
Animal Care Giver, Roman Zacarias
Animal Care Giver, Magali Bogarin
Animal Care Giver, Freddy Campos
Animal Care Giver, Kevin Richardson
Animal Care Giver, Joseph Crivelli
Animal Care Giver, Ryan DelaRosa
Animal Care Giver, Ana Eugenio
Animal Care Giver, Andrea Alfaro
Animal Care Giver, Juan Giraldo
Animal Care Giver, Ian Lamas
Master Groomer, Patricia Chiaverini
Groomer, Noelia Hernandez
Bookkeeper, Joan Goldstein
Bookkeeper, Joan Goldstein