Master groomer, Patty


Our professional grooming staff takes pride in their work, bringing beauty and glamor to each pet.  Every hair gets their personal attention!

Prices depend on pet size, breed, and hair length.

Description of Services:
•   Bath:  Includes shampoo, brush, nail trim and ear cleaning
•   Grooming:  Includes bath service plus a haircut
•   Additional services available:  Whitening Shampoo Treatment, De-Shedding, De-Matting, Medicated Shampoo, De-Skunk Treatment, Flea and Tick Treatment

Groomer extraordinaire, Cristina

Requirements for Grooming Services:
Because your pets will be staying at the Pet Resort for their day of grooming, similar medical prerequisites apply regarding their vaccine status.  For the health and safety of both your pet and our other guests, all grooming clients should be current on their core vaccines (DA2PP, Rabies, Canine Influenza and Bordetella for dogs; FVRCP and Rabies for cats) and have semi-annual fecal parasite exams performed.

Please bring your pet’s vaccination history with you when you check in for grooming.  Of course, any medical treatments your pet may need can also be done by our veterinarians during their stay here.  Additionally, if you have other concerns you would like addressed by a veterinarian while here for grooming, just let our receptionist know and they will arrange for the appropriate follow-up by a doctor during your pet’s stay.

Drop Off Hours for Grooming:  Monday – Friday 8am – 11am, Saturday 8am – 10am