Cat Boarding


Cats boarding in the Kitty City condos are kept in individual housing, unless requested to share space with a sibling or housemate from the same home.  Each condo in our climate-controlled cat wing is multi-leveled with separate areas for food and litter boxes.  Their feeding schedules should be kept similar to those they are used to at home (free choice grazing or scheduled feedings, dry or wet choices), and the litter boxes are cleaned twice a day.

Requirements for Cat Boarding at the Pet Resort:Cats boarding with us in the Kitty City must be current on all required core vaccines to limit the risk of disease both to your pet as well as to our other guests.  Cats must have fecal parasite exams every six months, as recommended by the Center for Disease Control & Prevention.

The required vaccines include:
Rabies (1 or 3 year protocol)
FVRCP combination for cats (1 or 3 year protocol)

Cat Ward

Double Decker Condos in Kitty City

Other vaccines that may be recommended by your veterinarian — including feline leukemia vaccine for outdoor cats — are dependent on your cat’s lifestyle and risks of exposure.  They are not required for staying at the Pet Resort, but may be appropriate for your pet.  Please feel welcome to discuss these vaccines, or any other medical concerns or questions you have, with our veterinarians on staff at Mamaroneck Veterinary Hospital.


Please bring your cat’s vaccination history with you when you check in for boarding.  Any examinations or treatments your cat may need can also be done by our veterinarians during their stay with us.  Additionally, if you have other concerns you would like addressed by a veterinarian while boarding, just let our receptionist know and they will arrange for the appropriate follow-up by a doctor during your cat’s stay.

Pet Resort Price List for Kitty City (and all other pet boarding)