Laser Therapy

Laser TherapyIn our ongoing effort to bring effective, cutting edge, and innovative health care options to our patients, we are proud and fortunate to offer Companion Animal Class IV Laser Therapy for relief of arthritic and traumatic pain, quickened wound healing, and treatment of a wide range of inflammatory skin conditions.

There are two kinds of lasers used for medical healing: continuous and pulsed.
Continuous lasers are used for encouraging blood and lymph flow and reducing inflammation. Pulsed lasers are indicated for relieving pain.
The automated therapy protocols used in our Lite Cure Class IV therapy laser system incorporates both of these modalities at appropriate intensities and time intervals, giving optimal results of pain relief and healing for your pet.

How it Works:
The light from the laser promotes circulation and energizes cells in the body.  Patient’s cells that are injured quickly absorb these non-thermal photons of light and become stimulated.  Once stimulated, the injured cells begin to heal infections and remove damaged tissue from the site.  This brings faster healing and relief from the pain and discomfort that accompany inflammation and injury.

Safety and Effectiveness of Laser Treatment
Your pet will not suffer any pain from administration of the laser therapy.  At the site of treatment, there is a feeling of mild warmth which penetrates the tissues.  The pet will feel relaxed and the joint or tissue pain will reduce while the laser treatment is being applied.


Laser treatment does not involve the use of medications, and is an excellent option — alone or in concert with other modalities — in the arsenal of treatments to relieve acute or chronic soft tissue and joint pain.  Utilizing periodic booster visits, many patients have been able to significantly reduce or eliminate the dosing of non-steroidal antiinflammatory drugs and other medications they have needed to maintain a good quality of life, despite chronic degenerative joint disease.  This is especially important for animals with concurrent liver or kidney dysfunction, who may not be safe candidates for such traditional medical therapies at all.




Treatable Conditions
Laser therapy can be an invaluable part of the treatment protocols for numerous ailments of the skin, joints, and body.  Some of these conditions include: abscessed anal sacs, skin lacerations and bite wounds, “hot spots” and allergic dermatitis, ear infections, aural hematomas, hip dysplasia, cruciate ligament strains, lick granulomas, soft tissue and bone trauma, and dental disease.  It is also used after surgery to promote healing and decrease post-operative pain.